Spruce Up Your Yard for Less Than You Think

Warm summer months means more time outdoors, and for homeowners especially, it means enjoying patios, decks, and outdoor living spaces. But, what if your yard is an eyesore? What if you don’t have any inviting outdoor areas for entertaining? And what if you’re a homeowner who wants to create an enjoyable yard, but you are on a limited budget?

Read on for tips to spruce up your outdoor areas and make inexpensive improvements to yards.

Affordable Landscaping Options

Before deciding what improvements to make to your yard, consider what you are working with and how you want to use it. Do you have a large backyard or front yard? Considering the layout of your home, which do you think will offer more functionality and curb appeal? Do you want a large space for kids or pets to play, or are you looking more for a quaint relaxation spot for you and your guests? Either way, there are a few universally affordable options to spruce up your landscaping.

Concrete Curbing

Of course, we love using concrete curbing to help create beautiful segmented areas within your yard! It’s a fantastic way to add an inexpensive yet visually appealing look to any yard. Decorative concrete edging is one of the best landscape investments a homeowner can make, as its design is customizable and it’s highly durable. Get in touch with us and let us help you plan out a perfect concrete border for your landscaping. 

Curb Appeal

Pavers and Ground Covers

The use of pavers and ground covers is an inexpensive way to add some visual appeal to any yard. Ground covers like plant moss or creeping sedum take minimal maintenance and are good in most environments. If you have unused or “dead” space in your yard, creating a pathway of pavers with ground covers in between can instantly transform a landscape.


For a more sophisticated and contemporary look, incorporating colorful planters into a large space can add visual interest. Planters don’t have to be expensive, either. Barrels, tires or old pallets are all recyclable materials that add a unique look to landscaping.

Functional Gardens

Many homeowners love the idea of a garden to provide fresh fruits and vegetables but can feel overwhelmed by the cost. However, a productive and functional garden doesn’t have to break the bank. Seeds and starter plants can be affordable, so most of a garden’s expense comes from the building of the garden itself and its maintenance. There are several ways to keep your garden healthy while still sticking to a budget.

For example, start with what you or family and friends might already have. If you mow and bag your grass clippings or compost your weeds and kitchen scraps, you can create nutrients to add to your garden beds for less than buying fertilizer. You can also make your own mulch from fallen leaves or branches by chipping or shredding them. Check with your city’s management as well. Many cities have leaf collection or a municipal composting facility that you could find free or cheap material.

To make inexpensive garden beds, find wood pallets for free near stores or warehouses as they get thrown out. You can cut them down to create raised garden beds, planter boxes, and storage containers. Cardboard is another reusable material that can be used as a weed barrier between the ground and mulching.

As for the plants themselves, check with family and friends who may provide seeds and cuttings from their plants to start your garden. Or, if you invest in starter plants, know that in the years to come, you will not always have to replant. You can propagate your plants to replant them the next season.

Inexpensive Extras

Other than visual appeal, outdoor spaces can offer a relaxing place to gather with the simple addition of some extra elements. Outdoor sitting and dining furniture and interesting lighting are ways to entice people outside, but many times come with a high price tag. However, there are ways to furnish your patio or deck without draining your wallet. Check antique or consignment stores in your town to start. You can also create your own furniture from items you wouldn’t normally think of. Check out these ideas from Architecture Art Design.

Interesting lighting is another way to make an outdoor space inviting. There are various easy DIY projects that can transform your space in the summer evenings. While stores sell different types of string, solar, and patio lights, check out some of these unique and affordable DIY options.

What Do You Think?

Even homeowners on tight budgets can have the outdoor space of their dreams. From landscaping to welcoming sitting areas, there are ways to make beautiful, yet inexpensive improvements to yards. All it takes is a little creativity and elbow grease!

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