Is Concrete Curbing Expensive?

There are many reasons why homeowners could want to install concrete curbing on their property.  Concrete curbing has many uses.  As well as other benefits, concrete curbing can offer homeowners a lower maintenance lifestyle for their landscape.  It also acts as a barrier for weeds preventing them from spilling over into landscaping.  Concrete curbing is an extremely durable and permanent material that can be enjoyed for many years to come and be a selling point for homeowners.

In a recent article on our blog, Landscape Concrete Curbing outline many advantages of concrete curbing.  To read all about them, click here.

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So, you are convinced that concrete curbing is for you.  But is concrete curbing expensive? 

On average, concrete curbing can cost up to $16 per liner square foot. (as reported by  For Landscape Concrete Curbing clients, we offer the highest level of service in the Augusta, GA or Lexington, SC areas for a truly affordable average price of $10 per linear square foot.  This is far below the national average!  Become a fan of Landscape Concrete Curbing on Facebook and stay up to date on even more specials and sales!
The savvy consumer will compare prices when considering hiring a concrete curbing company.  Price is not everything.  Reading online reviews and even speaking with your friends or family who have hired a vendor is important.  Landscape Concrete Curbing is proud to have many referrals each year from friends and family of our clients.  It is the highest compliment we can be paid and we take the privilege of their business seriously!

When comparing concrete curbing companies, you should make sure that your estimate includes the cost of labor as well as materials.  You can estimate that in most curbing jobs, you will spend, on average $150-400 on labor in addition to product.  Be careful, in receiving estimates that do NOT have these prices included as they can be deceivingly low.  

DECORATIVE-CONCRETE-LANDSCAPE-CURBING-EDGING-AUGUSTA-GA-2Rather than removable barriers such as plastic edging or bricks that can shift, concrete curbing will not be move or be damaged by yard care implements.  Concrete is also very resistant to rusting or scaling which are common with metal or brick edging.  Concrete curbing is versatile and comes in a variety of textures and colors to match your home or landscape.  Installation is a quick and easy process that will not damage your lawn.

Although the up front costs of concrete curbing may be higher than alternative landscape edging products, the overall cost, per year, over the lifetime of the product, is far lower in both dollars and frustrations.  Therefore, concrete curbing is no more expensive, over a lifetime than most other edging products.  Consider concrete curbing for your home today!

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