Fall is On Its Way. Is your lawn ready?

Decorative Landscape Borders

Fall is always a time of transition: summer fun has officially settled down and a new school year has begun. With a more structured schedule, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to add the charm your yard needs to transition into the fall season with decorative landscaping!

Decorative concrete curbing is not only a visually appealing investment, it is also a smart one. With a longer lifespan than other landscape border alternatives, this decorative edging adds more durability, strength, and functionality to your yard when transitioning through each season. Keep your grass out of your beds, and your mulch or pine straw out of your grass with this functional landscaping border. Call us and let us coordinate the perfect landscape curbing for your home!


Have you recently had our team come out to add some curbside character to your yard? Whether you have kept your flowers blooming and your grass green, there are important measures that need to be taken in order to maintain the beauty of your yard. Now that fall is on its way, here are a few landscaping tips to help maintain your landscaping:LCC

  1. Few may know this, but grass actually grows more quickly during the fall; it’s still absorbing moisture, nutrients, and energy. Our advice is to keep mowing your lawn!
  2. Water, oxygen, and fertilizer can reach your grass’s roots with ease, aerate your lawn.
  3. Whether you’ve got to do it yourself or negotiate with the kids and grandkids, make it a routine to rake the leaves! We know it’s not anyone’s favorite thing to do with their time, but rain and morning dew keep the layers of leaves wet or moist, and can eventually suffocate the grass.
  4. Ask any lawn expert – the best time to fertilize your lawn is in the fall! Although the blades of grass grow slower when it’s cooler, the roots and rhizomes keep growing…and quickly!
  5. Does your lawn have any bald spots? Grab an all-in-one lawn repair mixture at just about any garden store, and spread a thick layer over the bald spots.
  6. Get rid of those weeds! You can find an herbicide at any garden or home improvement store.

We hope these tips help to maintain your beautiful lawn and curbing investment. For any questions, call (706)755-3555 for your choice concrete curbing company in Augusta, GA- Landscape Concrete Curbing. Let us help preserve your largest investment, YOUR HOME.

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