Curbing & Mulch: A Perfect Pair

The Problem

How many times have you put down mulch after tending to your garden or other plant beds around the yard, and as soon as a gust of wind comes it blows the chips onto the grass? Or what about after the chips have landed on the grass, you go to mow your lawn and your mower starts to make a scary clanking noise?

These are frustrating situations, but don’t let those be a reason to kick mulch to the curb!

Mulch is a fantastic way to improve the look and healthiness of your garden or other plant beds. Whether you choose organic or inorganic mulch, both still have benefits! Mulch helps maintain the moisture in the soil, prevents erosion, prevents weeds from popping up, and so forth.

The Solution

When you have concrete curbing installed, you can prevent messy mulch accidents from happening, all while keeping the mulch in its rightful place doing what it does best! 

Having landscape borders around those areas can add even more protection from weeds, keep your mulch inbounds, and ensure a more crisp and uniform look to your landscape!

Curbing with mulch






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