Fall is On Its Way. Is your lawn ready?

Decorative Landscape Borders Fall is always a time of transition: summer fun has officially settled down and a new school year has begun. With a more structured schedule, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to add the charm your yard needs to transition into the fall season with decorative landscaping! Decorative concrete curbing is [...]

An Augusta, GA Concrete Curbing Company That Can Handle Any Job, Large or Small

Decorative concrete curbing is quickly becoming one of the most in-style and in-demand landscape projects for homeowners. It’s no wonder why it has gained in popularity with its curb appeal and durability. There are many choices for landscape edging, but concrete edging is arguably one of the most durable, functional and beautiful options for homes. [...]

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Our Favorite Concrete Border Projects

Decorative concrete borders and curbing is arguably one of the most visually appealing, durable and affordable ways to enhance the look of your property. By using decorative concrete borders to edge landscaping projects, you can add immediate curb appeal and value to your home. Furthermore, decorative concrete can be one of the best garden edging [...]

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