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1509, 2017

Curbing & Mulch: A Perfect Pair

The Problem How many times have you put down mulch after tending to your garden or other plant beds around the yard, and as soon as a gust of wind comes it blows the chips onto the grass? Or what about after the chips have landed on the grass, you go to mow your lawn and your mower starts to make a scary clanking noise? These are frustrating situations, but don’t let those be a reason to [...]

2308, 2017

Fall is On Its Way. Is your lawn ready?

Decorative Landscape Borders Fall is always a time of transition: summer fun has officially settled down and a new school year has begun. With a more structured schedule, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to add the charm your yard needs to transition into the fall season with decorative landscaping! Decorative concrete curbing is not only a visually appealing investment, it is also a smart one. With a longer lifespan than other landscape border alternatives, this [...]

1207, 2017

Spruce Up Your Yard for Less Than You Think

Warm summer months means more time outdoors, and for homeowners especially, it means enjoying patios, decks, and outdoor living spaces. But, what if your yard is an eyesore? What if you don’t have any inviting outdoor areas for entertaining? And what if you’re a homeowner who wants to create an enjoyable yard, but you are on a limited budget? Read on for tips to spruce up your outdoor areas and make inexpensive improvements to yards. Affordable Landscaping [...]

2006, 2017

Why Work with a Company That ONLY Does Decorative Concrete Curbing?

Once you’ve decided that decorative concrete curbing is the route you want to take to enhancing the curb appeal of your home, it can be a challenge to decide who to hire. Do you hire a landscaping company, a general contractor, or a company that specializes specifically in concrete curbing projects? Although a landscaping company or general contractor may have experience in balancing multiple projects, when it comes to your concrete, you really only want to hire [...]

1905, 2017

An Augusta, GA Concrete Curbing Company That Can Handle Any Job, Large or Small

Decorative concrete curbing is quickly becoming one of the most in-style and in-demand landscape projects for homeowners. It’s no wonder why it has gained in popularity with its curb appeal and durability. There are many choices for landscape edging, but concrete edging is arguably one of the most durable, functional and beautiful options for homes. If you are a homeowner in the Augusta, GA area, and you are looking for a reliable concrete curbing company, Landscape Concrete [...]

1904, 2017

Our Favorite Concrete Border Projects

Decorative concrete borders and curbing is arguably one of the most visually appealing, durable and affordable ways to enhance the look of your property. By using decorative concrete borders to edge landscaping projects, you can add immediate curb appeal and value to your home. Furthermore, decorative concrete can be one of the best garden edging options, as it keeps grass and weeds from creeping into garden beds. The benefits of concrete over other materials also include its [...]